Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter

Georgetown, Texas

Williamson County Commissioners wanted the new shelter to facilitate owner animal recovery and adoption for the region, which is one of the fastest growing in the country.
The shelter is designed to handle 14,000 animals annually, which is the projected need for the year 2016. Separate HVAC systems in each of the six habitats reduce the spread of disease among animals. Large exterior windows allow for 24/7 viewing of stray and adoptable animals, reducing staff workload and creating convenience for the public.
Separating dogs and cats results in less stress, healthier animals, and a more pleasant experience for visitors. Clearly separating public areas from private areas allows staff to work more efficiently and makes for a better experience for visitors. Large windows allow natural light to flow into all habitats, creating bright, friendly interiors and reducing energy costs for the facility. The multi-building design and transparency creates intuitive way-finding, allowing visitors to find their way around independently.

Featured in the 2013 November/December issue of Texas Architect


Completed:  April 2007 • Size: 15,000 square feet • Cost: $3.9 million • Dog habitats: 63 • Cat habitats: 78 • Get-Acquainted areas: 3 • Reptile and other habitats: 9 • After-hours training room
Contact: Cheryl Schneider, Animal Services Director • 512 943 3322 • cschneider@wilco.org