Wisconsin Humane Society - Ozaukee Campus

Saukville, Wisconsin

The Victoria Wellens Center for the Ozaukee Humane Society is a state-of-the-art animal care facility located next to a busy state highway in Saukville, Wisconsin. The new facility was designed with a prominent grand lobby to attract interest from passing motorists.  Program elements include an adoption center, veterinary clinic, and educational classroom spaces. The tight site includes wetlands with walking trails. The multi-purpose grand lobby has saw-tooth light monitors that provide an ethereal quality of natural light – its adjacent interior spaces are visually-linked to the lobby by glass storefront and doors.
The building aesthetic reflects the unique culture of the Humane Society and the semi-rural character of the area.  Building materials were selected and designed for durability and easy maintenance—they also and to minimize disease and noise transmission. The Wellens Center is the first “green” animal shelter in the Midwest and earned a LEED Silver rating.


The design and the construction has the best animal experience deeply in mind. The facility is incredibly quiet, easy to keep clean, comfortable, attractive and has a powerful ability in this work to keep healthy animals healthy and help ill ones recover faster.  It is a shining example of how buildings support animals and the visitors who want to take them home.”
Matt Whitte, Vice President of Operations


Completion Date: Oct 2011 • Size:  21,150 sf • Cost: $4.5 million • Dog Habitats: 54 • Cat habitats: 37 • Small Animal Habitats: 12
Contact: Sarah Deering, MS-NPM, Shelter Operations Manager, Ozaukee Campus • 262-988-5946 • sdeering@wihumane.org