City of Bryan Animal Center (Feasibility Study)

Bryan, Texas

The current 7,100 square foot facility, built on a two acre plot, is located on a north-south arterial near the southern edge of the city. While accessible, this location suffers compromised visibility due to a Union-Pacific railroad running parallel to the road. Additionally the predominately industrial fabric of the neighborhood does not promote much street traffic. No complementary land uses exist nearby, and the narrow street frontage eliminates the potential for separate public and staff entrances.

The entrance to the proposed 18,000sf building will feature animal-shaped topiaries visible from the street for curb appeal. While the lobby and adoption areas will be most prominent, other public areas will be easy to find as well. Designated spaces for the public to interact with potential adoptees, including both interior and exterior “get acquainted” areas, will not only serve an important function in the adoption process, but provide an opportunity for other visitors to see animals in a more dynamic context than the adoption habitats and encourage them to get acquainted with an animal themselves.

Staff areas and backstage functions are visually and physically screened from public areas. This not only facilitates operational efficiency by minimizing interruptions, it also shapes the public experience.


Study Completion Date: 2020 • Size: 18,000sf • Cost: $x.x million • Dog Habitats: 60 • Cat Habitats: 80 • Get-Acquainted Areas: 4 • Livestock Stable • Spay & Neuter Clinic • After-hours Training Room • Exercise Yards
Contact: Julianne Burkhalter, Animal Center Supervisor • 979 209 5260 •