San Antonio Humane Society

San Antonio, Texas

This award-winning, high-profile facility can hold approximately 200 animals at any time and features two canine pavilions, a feline pavilion, a “puppy palace,” and a special needs area. Connolly prepared the programming documents, assisted in interpreting the data gathered in the needs assessment phase, and advised the architects and shelter staff on room configurations and sizes. From the early stages of the design process through construction, Connolly provided expert advice on materials selection and design solutions that met the requirements of good shelter design.

The project was recognized with a 2004 Business Week/Architectural Record Award.


“During the first year of operation, we increased the number of visitors ten-fold. It was not uncommon to have visitors waiting for us to open. I attribute most of that increase to the appeal of the facility which also dramatically improved our image in the community. We typically adopt out more than 5,000 animals a year”
Kathy Bice, Former Executive Director, Bexar County SPCA


Consultation: 2012; Completed: 2002 • Size:  21,000 square feet • Dog habitats: 66 • Cat habitats: 65 • Get-Acquainted areas: 3 • Reptile and other habitats: 12 • Spay & Neuter Clinic • After-hours Training Room
Contact: Kathy Bice • 979 595 7843 •