Gwinnett County Animal Welfare & Enforcement Center

Lawrenceville, Georgia

Needing to accommodate a large volume of animals with a relatively small staff created the opportunity to design an unusually large facility, which has a major presence fronting on a busy highway. The shelter houses all administrative and animal care spaces under one roof, which both eases the burden for staff and allows simplified access control for security purposes. Connolly’s design features rows of storefront windows both inside and out to allow natural light to flow into the “landlocked” spaces in the building core. Interior glass also creates visual sight-lines for staff to monitor activities in other rooms from a distance. Light monitors or clerestories bring even more sunlight to interior spaces.
The exterior materials palette divides the building to break down its scale. Red brick, which complements the police training facility, defines the animal support areas while metal and store-front commercial windows define the public, administration and adoption areas. To complete the campus, Connolly designed outdoor animal play areas and a grazing pasture for livestock, and a K-9 facility to house and train police dogs.
Connolly was shelter design architect with Pond & Company of Atlanta.


“The public really appreciates how easy it is to retrieve their pet or adopt a new one. Because the new shelter is so user friendly, there is pride within our department and improved staff retention.”
Curtis Harrell, Manager, Gwinnett County Animal Shelter


Consultation: 2014; Completion Date: 2007 • Size: 36,000sf • Cost: $6.8 million • Dog Habitats: 168 • Cat Habitats: 56 • Get-Acquainted Areas: 17 • Reptile and Other Habitats: 24 • K9 Police Housing • Livestock Barn • Spay & Neuter Clinic • After-hours Training Room • Exercise Yards
Contact: Cindy Wiemann, Acting Manager • 770 339 3200 •