Longview Animal Care & Adoption Center

Longview, Texas

The building program identified six uses by work flow diagrams that were adapted to a 3.4 acre triangular site. The budget was based on historical data that Connolly gathered and proved to be accurate when the project was bid in 2013.
The modified H-shaped building features clear separation between the public (yellow) and staff areas (blue) - see floor plan. That division is maintained in the site plan with a front parking lot for the public and a back lot that doubles as employee parking and a service yard. There is a small get acquainted yard next to the dog adoption so family pets can meet their new siblings and determine compatability and another large fenced yard next to the Stray Dog Kennels. Recently the center accomplished the rare feat of adopting out all available dogs on two consecutive weekends.
This project was completed for less than the construction contract.


Completion Date: Sept 2016 • Size:  18,500sf  • Construction Cost: $5,750,000 • Habitats: Adoption dog: 20 Medium/large dogs; 14 small dogs/puppies • Adoption cat: 20 display • Stray dogs: 38 large/medium; 21 small puppies • Stray cats: 45 • Get-Acquainted Rooms: 2 dog/puppies; 1 cat/kitten • Separate Owner Surrender and Owner Reclaim Lobby • Adoption Get Acquainted Yard; Exercise Yards • Meeting and Education Room • Spay and Neuter Clinic • Alkaine Hydrolysis system for animal disposal
Contact: Keith Bonds • Assistant City Manager, City of Longview • 903.237.1021 • kbonds@longviewtx.gov