Linda McNatt Animal Care & Adoption Center

Denton, Texas

This animal care and adoption center represents a rare collaboration between a private foundation established in the interest of animals and the City of Denton.  The city owns the land and the building, but the foundation contributed $1.2 million of the project’s $5.5 million construction cost. This level of private funding is unprecedented in the state of Texas and represents a new benchmark for joint-funded municipal services’ projects.  

The center features internal transparency that facilitates way-finding for the visitor and monitoring capability for the staff. Three storefronts along the covered entry provide strong indoor-outdoor connections and make the shelter’s activity and its adoptable pets visible to the public. Dog and a cat display rooms flank the main entrance, which opens to a tall lobby with an unexpected sideways-facing clerestory introducing north and south light.  Two additional public entrances provide access to the education room and to the public surrender/spay and neuter clinic – both of which may operate after business hours. The dog holding area has two screened overhead doors to provide seasonal fresh air ventilation. The building is pursuing LEED-certified status. 


Completion Date: December 2014 • Size:  18,156 sf • Cost: $4.4 million • Habitats: Adoption dog: 22 Medium/large dogs; 12 small dogs/puppies • Adoption cat: 36 display • Stray dogs: 38 large/medium; 21 small puppies • Stray cats: 45 • Get-Acquainted Rooms: 3 dog/puppies; 1 cat/kitten • Adoption Get Acquainted Yard; Exercise Yards • Meeting and Education Room • Spay and Neuter Clinic
Contact: Paul O’Neill • City of Denton Animal Services Supervisor • 915.888.7619 • Paul.O’